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How Long Will it Take to Schedule a Carrier?
90% of our vehicles get scheduled in 1-3 business days*. If you are in a rush, we offer expedited service for same or next day pickups. Please call us if you need expedited service.

When & Who Do I Pay?
Until your vehicle is scheduled, there are no charges. We only collect our flat fee once we’ve scheduled a pickup date and the remainder is what the carrier is paid on delivery. For more information, visit the pricing page.

Can a Quote Change?
A quote can fluctuate based on the following factors:

Flexibility in Shipping Dates
The more flexibility you provide for pickup, the better price you’re going to get.

Market Demand
When lots of people are shipping along the same route, that drives prices up. Since carriers can see every vehicle that is available, they choose the highest paying vehicles first.

But don’t worry about these details. That’s where Fox Auto Transport comes in. If there are ever any changes to the market while we’re looking for a carrier, we’ll let you know asap and won’t make a move until you give us the green light.

: Book a Carrier Now